Sunday, April 24, 2011

Speech Project: Video vs. Print

We are making the change from print to motion on our speech, and the audience experience could potentially change dramatically. Motion is modern, it associated with the technological advances of our age. Print has been around for quite awhile, and I think that people approach it slightly less expectation for excitement (compared to motion). With that said, moving into motion will open up some new doors for engaging an audience.

In print, the viewer can gaze at a page, go back a few pages, stop, inspect something, skip pages, and so on. In motion, the creator controls the flow. The viewer's brain either interprets the information the information fast enough or doesn't have time to. Substance might be missed by the viewer if they blink. Sound and music can be added to motion. This could make it slightly less personal, but also more exciting. With all this said, the switch from print to motion graphics expands some horizons but contracts others.

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