Thursday, April 21, 2011

Journal Entry 9

Jacob Trollback: Designer as Author

Listening to Trollback's lecture, he made many important points.

-The first point he made was that motion emphasizes storytelling in a more natural and inherent way as opposed to print.

-One should design things that make sense to them, and design that works for them. What a design is saying is much more important than what it looks like.

-Practicing self determination to satisfy yourself via design helps you develop and express your ideas with more impact.

-Argues that Bach's Partitas music is much like Helvetica.

-Claims that discussions and advertising don't work very effectively to make an impact. Pleas do not work. Emotional messages can work universally, therefore comedy is a fairly effective means of conveying a message. Emotional work is very individual, which makes it hard for emotional messages to reach a wide audience.

-The human mind uses imagination all the time and for mostly all forms of thinking.

-All we have is creativity, love, and violence.

-Explains that when taking inspiration from other forms of art or design, one should think of what values and emotions they would be transferring form the inspiration.

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