Monday, April 4, 2011

Journal Entry 8

Jessica Helfand's article, Type Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry, really opened my eyes to the seriousness of choosing a font based on its relevance to the message it portrays. On some occasion, Futura would seem appropriate to use. On most, based on this article, it might be better to consider an alternative typeface. Eurostile, Gotham, and DIN all have similar characteristics to Futura and might be more effective in most cases. Even DIN Schrift has versatility while still maintaining a sleek and geometric aesthetic. As alluring and sexy Futura is, it does seem to be over used. Based on this article and a little research I believe I will be able to better apply more appropriate fonts instead of it... although it looks nice.

The other article I read was Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes, by Adrian Shaughnessy. There is a lot of useful information packed in this article. The first rule he lists about, "theres no such thing as bad clients" I can see being very true. I have not had extensive influence in this subject. However, from what I have learned in my Graphic Design courses and from my one Illustration course under Barry Fitzgerald, I can partially see the light that this paradox holds. Another rule that I found particularly important is for designers to have their own beliefs and ethics. Only in this way can we produce truly meaningful work.

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