Thursday, April 21, 2011

Journal Entry 6

Thirty Conversations On Design:

The videos I watched were of Agustin Garza, Gong Szeto, Jake McCabe, Khoi Vinh, and Tony Hawk.

Each designer had a very different source of inspiration which they talked about. Gong Szeto showed a very specific example of good map making, and stressed how good relay of critical information will be increasingly important in our future. Garza showed a carved Mexican statue, which was different from most of the others. He, along with McCabe, believe that more of a focus on sustainability should be implemented for the future of design. This does seem to be a very important issue and responsibility amongst designers right now. McCabe mentioned that it is our responsibility as designers to pay attention to important concepts such as sustainability, because it is within our power to make a social change in that respect. Khoi Vinh mentioned that design has an identity crisis, and that we should work on extricating the old reputation of design (strictly marketing and advertising based) and move to a more genuinely beneficial identity.

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