Saturday, April 30, 2011

Journal Entry 13

Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law

Larry Lessig proves a very relevant point after a long build up in his lecture. He starts out by describing the beginnings of user generated content and one man's fear that technology would consume creativity. One fact that I did not know about was that the original law of the "land" protected any piece of land from trespassers from above and below. Lessig then described that this law lacked common sense one airplanes were invented because airplanes would "trespass" over land quite often.

Next, he describes how the development of the broadcasting system gave businesses control over the creative outlets of the masses. It capitalized on creative people who were creating for things for the love and not for the money. Lessig then shows several examples of videos that were created using gathered video material, arguing that this form of creation was being limited by the law. According to common sense, the law system would govern most creative outlets that technology allows because technically mostly everything recreated is "copying". This action of copying, by law, is protected by the copyright laws. Lessig's argument was that this fact greatly limited the technological creativity of the future generations.

He concluded that if society did two things this problem could be solved.

1. Allow artists choose the level at which their work will be available for use (much like the options given on behance).

2. Had business and government accept the artists choice of their work and implement this change into law.

In conclusion, I felt that Lessig made a very valid point that is greatly significant to me as a young designer. The subject of creativity being limited by law was very clear in his speech, and incites deep thought and preparation for action from me.

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