Thursday, April 21, 2011

Journal Entry 10

The first video that I watched was 'The State of the Planet'. This video conveyed a somewhat large amount of information at a paced and understandable fashion. It followed the trend of quickly moving text to the center of the screen in a bouncy and synchronized fashion. This style could possibly be an essential building block to creating a comprehensible motion graphic video.

The Hidden Cost of War

-Uses text which stacks on one another at the beginning of the video, utilizing scale and color to add emphasis to certain words. The rest of the video communicated it's information mostly with vector graphics in the form of info graphics.

Waste In Space

An info graphic which combines photography with vector graphics. It uses an asymmetrical structure, combining sans serif typography with clearn and understandable vector images. The result is a substantially effective delivery of information.

Why Is It So Hard to Quite Smoking?

A medical infographic. This graphic has a very simple format, it maintains a clean feel while emphasizing certain elements through color. The minimalist use of color allowed the designer to have much more control over which pieces of information were emphasized.

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