Monday, March 7, 2011

Journal Entry 5

Jonathan Harris Cold : Bold: Response

Interesting how he stopped using the sketchbooks after he got mugged. I personally would not let something like that stop one of my favorite creative outputs, whatever it may be.

I found his design of the dating system very impressive. The fact that he could program and design the entire system gave him a lot of control. I can see how working on such a project would envelope someone and take over their mind.

Interesting how he decided that he did not have the energy to give to both machines and people. I can see how what he does can create a disconnection from personal life activity. From what he said, I understand that he absorbs a lot from external world. His theory that one cannot successfully make art and write code at the same time seems pretty valid, at least in his case. I disagree with his decision that ideas are unimportant compares to goals. That statement goes with the saying that "this is just a means to an end". I disagree with that because I believe that every part of any process is significant. I won't get too philosophical with that.

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