Monday, February 7, 2011

Typography 2: Journal 2/7

Writer's Toolbox

Mind Map

Mind maps are visual forms to ideas. They give the designer an advantage in a sense that they diagram words in a visual manner to better understand the subject they are working on. It is a way to branch out and discover new ideas. Mind maps are not to be questioned until complete, they are meant to be done quickly and spontaneously. They can help to better organize ideas and manage complex problems. As a designer, this process can be extremely valuable when attempting to produce new ideas.

Concept Map

Different from a mind map in a sense that they focus more on the conceptual relationships and meanings. The relationships between concepts are further studied in this process, which allows the designer to make connections between subjects not previously discovered. TThe mind map uses propositional statements to give logical connections between words and how they are related.

Free Write

Free write is a stream-of-consciousness form of writing which helps the designer emit a steady flow of uninterrupted thought process. The advantage of this form of writing is that the designer is capable of uncovering thoughts he or she could not have through controlled thinking and writing. It is best to write for a relatively long period of time to ensure that many ideas get put on paper.

Word List

Word lists are more structured forms of jotting down ideas. This allows for the designer to put more thought into more powerful word choice. Although the concept of coming up with words is free-flowing, there is still more room for conscious thought than free writing. In this sense, word lists are yet another productive way to kick start the creative process of designing.

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