Monday, February 14, 2011

Audience Personas

Donald is a 24 year-old graduate from the University of Kansas. He has a degree in psychology and has many books pertaining to the exploration of the human mind. In his free time he plays the bass guitar, checks craig's list for musical equipment, and reads books. He shops at the Merc and usually only buy organic foods. When he isn't reading about psychology he is reading about philosophy or shamanism, as these subject also interest him.

Steve is a 44 year-old appliance store owner with a wife and two children. In his free time he likes to fish and spend time with his family. He shops healthy, and always thinks about nutrition when shopping at Dillon's. He is a big fan of The Doors and has a picture of the entire band hanging in his room. Because of his adoration of The Doors, he looked into the band's name. Leading him to The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley, he gained interest in Huxley's literature.

Bobby is a 23 year-old dancer studying at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is a quiet and shy girl who is actually very well read. She has an impressing book collection and favors those of philosophy and science. Owning those types of books make her feel more intellectual and wise. Although she collects and sometimes reads the books, she very rarely understands them. She tries to power through the most complex of books only to find her ego boosted by information she does not even understand or use.

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