Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Cover Examples

I understand why the designer chose to use only a few letters of each word to show the title, illustrating the idea of fastness in typing. However, it does make it slightly confusing to look at and read. From afar it would read "FSTR JMS GLCK", that doesn't really sound like anything recognizable unless you already know the title and author. Once one gets up close to read, the large caps are still competing for your eyes' attention while you try to read the actual title and author. An interesting idea nonetheless.

This cover interested me because of its blur effect. I don't know how effective it is at portraying the material inside the book though. Also, the "Stories" part is somewhat lost in the flurry of movement, but serves as somewhat of an anchor and a place to relax for the eye. An exciting way to use type, but I'm don't think it is very successful.

The handwritten title along with the painted illustration go very well together. I think the head does a nice job of leading the eye down to what should be read, or vice versa. The balance in this piece works well, and the colors make it easy to distinguish what is what. Overall this is a successful cover in my opinion.

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